You Can Be “Average” and Still Succeed With This Principle Behind You

Well-targeted consistency beats everything else.

Imagine that you ran a luxury car dealership.

What would be a good way of drumming up business?

You could purchase a mailing list of people who had bought luxury cars before with 1000 names on it and start mailing them once a month.

So every month, for 2 years, you mailed them a letter describing your dealership and what your service provides and maybe a special deal or two.

Given the high margins, you would probably only need to sell two cars to pay for the entire mailing campaign.

The only things that you need to be sure of:

– the mailing list of prospects was at least average quality

– the sales letter was at least average quality

– your dealership was at least average quality

As long as those rather low standards were met, 24 mailings later (once a month for 2 years) it’s hard to imagine not getting at least two new customers. Probably more.

This shows the power of:

– targeting the right audience

– regularly communicating with them over a long period of time

And on a broader level, it shows the value of small actions taken consistently (which ties in to the “80% of success is showing up” idea).

This principle works even if you’re average, and even if you don’t respond to feedback and adjust your approach over time.

Imagine if you were providing an above average service and kept testing and tinkering with your mailings to improve them over time?

So how will you use this principle to your benefit?

What can you do, targeted at your market, regularly and consistently, even if you’re not that good at it, that will over time, win over your audience?