The Two Things You Can Find On Every Personal Trainer’s Social Media Account

Today, browsing through twitter I came across three different personal trainer Twitter accounts.

And each of their feeds were dominated by:

1. Motivational messages:


“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way”

“I didn’t come this far to only come this far”

“When I lost all of my excuses, I found all of my results”

You know these messages because they clog up facebook feeds the world over.

2. Pictures of them smiling pre- and post- workout.

Yes, you like working out. We get it.

Keeping up with the competition

Yes, you want to keep tabs on your competition. Yes, you don’t want to be left behind.

But while it might seem the best course of action to do what everyone else is doing, in the end it’s not going to work.

For these three personal trainers, there is nothing to distinguish between their twitter feeds. Probably no difference between them and 100,000 other personal trainers.

They are “me-too” businesses.

Successful marketing requires two attributes:

Success in marketing requires:

1. Uniqueness and

2. Consistency.

It’s no surprise that someone who is a personal trainer can muster up a lot of consistency.

But being consistently cliched and exuding sameness from every tweet is not going to get you anywhere.

You need to stand out.

Remember, it’s better to be different than better (and obviously better to be both).

Time spent thinking about how you can stand out, is the best time you will ever spend on your business.