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KWINK and the Persuasive Beauty of Abbreviations

I have been reading Brian Tracy books for a long time. And he often mentioned zero-based thinking, where you re-evaluate activities you’re doing, based on if you had to do them again, whether you would still do them. He always prefaced the question with “Knowing what I now know” I see that he has recently […]

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5 Business Lessons from HBO’s “Westworld”

Have you been watching the new HBO series Westworld? If you haven’t watched the series, it’s about a futuristic Wild-West theme-park populated by advanced robots that the guests can interact with in any way they please. In episode 3, one of the guests says that it costs $40,000 a day to attend Westworld and it […]

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3 Inspirational Traits of Nelson Mandela

One of my favourite biographies is the book “Knowing Mandela“. Obviously Nelson Mandela is a great historical figure, but reading this book I realised that he was an exceptional man, with a depth of character that few in the world have possessed. These are three qualities that Mandela had (that stood out to me, when […]

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How ‘Additive’ Projects Can Help You Outperform Your Rivals

Most people’s working days are spent focused on a number of different projects. This means their days often consist of switching between different tasks. It’s well known that switching between tasks results in a loss of productivity. Re-orientating yourself to the next task takes time and effort that wouldn’t be required if you stayed with […]

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