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The “Survival of the Fittest” Marketing Plan

Imagine that you run a business and want to improve revenue by increasing your marketing. You could hire a marketing agency and hope that they know what they are doing. I have had colleagues try this approach and it’s a total gamble that usually doesn’t pay off. It’s hard to pick a marketing agency that […]

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The Downside of the “Miracle Morning”

If you get up earlier in the morning to do work, obviously you’re introducing more time to get things done. But there’s something more. It feels good. You feel good. You feel like you’ve done something creditable. This goes beyond the actual work done and becomes something about the positive feeling it creates. Spurred on […]

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Tiger Woods and the Winner-Takes-All Effect

I couldn’t find Tiger Woods. His name was missing from the Master’s Tournament Leaderboard today. And as it turns out, he’s still injured and so isn’t actually playing this tournament, but the fact is, his was the first name I checked, which is ridiculous given that: – He hasn’t played competitive golf since August – […]

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