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Is Simplicity Really the Holy Grail of Business?

When Steve Jobs was still alive and Apple was THE company, there were a lot of books published that talked about how to replicate the success of the Cupertino powerhouse. One of the main things that seemed to be repeated was the value of simplicity. Apple was successful because of simplification. – For instance when […]

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Impatient for Success? This Story Will Help

I often feel a sense of urgency to get things done that stems from my impatience. I want results now! I have found a good antidote to this is thinking of a particular story from Mahatma Gandhi’s life. It was when he was going to the high court in Bombay to sit in the gallery […]

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When Your Name is Difficult to Pronounce

As someone with a very long and “ethnic” name living in a Western country, I can see that I have a huge disadvantage in life. I remember reading a book where the author wanted to contact the one of the authors of the book “Good to Great”, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. He says that […]

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301 Positive Habits to Change Your Life

Want a surefire way to change your life? Change your habits. But which habits should you develop? I’ve assembled the ultimate list of 301 positive daily habits that you can apply to your life. When you look over this list, choose the habits that will have the biggest impact on your life. This is a […]

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