The Amazon Book Cafe – A Revolutionary Concept Store

Artist's Impression of the Amazon Book Cafe

This blog post details a concept store that has no connection to Amazon .. currently.

You may have read that online retailer Amazon is trialing physical bookstores.

But I think there is a different path to try.

I want to talk about an idea of mine, which could really revolutionize bookstores.

I call it the Amazon Book Cafe.

Welcome to the Amazon Book Cafe

The Amazon Book Cafe is just like any other cafe, but with one crucial difference.

Artist's Impression of the Amazon Book Cafe

Artist’s Impression of the Amazon Book Cafe

*These artist’s impressions were commissioned by me and have no connection to Amazon.

Notice that at each table, there is a device that is attached to the table or wall and belongs to the store.

This is a Kindle e-reading device. But a very special type of Kindle.

With this Kindle:

  • To use it, you sign in using your Amazon account

  • While using this particular Kindle, you can browse any e-book in the Amazon collection.

  • Not just “Look inside” (the feature that allows you to take a look at a few selected pages of a book on the Amazon sales page) but you can see the entire book.

  • With the Kindle in this store, you can browse entire books for free

  • This means you can read an entire book on this Kindle without paying for it. In fact, you could read lots of books without paying for them.

  • You can read whatever you want, and then with one click (since you signed up using your Amazon account) you can purchase whichever books you want.

  • Better than a regular bookstore

    The point here, is that you get two benefits:

    1. You can look through an entire book, exactly like you can in a physical bookstore. This will tend to increase the likelihood of purchases.

    2. Unlike a regular bookstore which is restricted in its inventory by physical space limitations, because we are dealing with e-books the range of books available is exponentially greater.

    When you’re in the cafe using the device, you have access to every e-book on

    The Amazon Book Cafe Experience

    The Coffee Bar at the Amazon Book Cafe

    The Coffee Bar at the Amazon Book Cafe

    The Amazon cafe will have a full cafe offering, at prices comparable to Starbucks.

    This will mean that the food and drink operation will have the potential to be profitable on its own.

    But combine it with the bookstore aspect, and now you’re really talking.

    The advantages over a regular bookstore are:

  • As mentioned there is a much larger selection of books to read than any physical bookstore could ever provide.

  • People often browse at regular bookstores and then buy on Amazon (because it’s cheaper), leading to a huge problem for these stores. With the Amazon Book Cafe, you get the browsers and the buyers in one place.

  • No need for staff and cash registers to take payment for the books. You’re paying via your Amazon account.

  • Because people sign in using their Amazon accounts, the store collects much better customer data and can vastly improve recommendations etc.

  • Some other points to note:

    Amazon Book Cafe - Artist's Impression

    Coffee tables for coffee NOT laptops

  • The focus is on books and reading. You’ll notice that there are only coffee tables in the store. No desks. This is to discourage people sitting there working on their laptops. This cafe is for “the readers”.

  • This cafe is for “the readers”

  • The device is connected to the table and becomes inactive when removed from the premises.

  • The space should be much more profitable per square foot than a coffeeshop and a bookstore so this should enable the stores to be located in prime shopping areas.

  • The Physical Book Section with a Carefully Curated Selection of Collector's Item Texts

    Physical Book Section

    There is also the potential to stock a very limited collection of physical books (as seen in the back right of the store in the artist’s impression) but these would be high margin collector’s item-type books.

    Your Thoughts

    I think this is a revolutionary (not to mention lucrative) idea for Amazon to pursue. Perhaps it might be good to trial a concept store in London first? 🙂

    So what do you think?

    Is the Amazon Book Cafe somewhere you would be keen to visit?

    Could you see one appearing at your local mall?

    Let me know in the comments.

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