Turn on the Luck Machine

Feeling unlucky? Here’s how to tilt the odds more in your favor. Luck matters a lot. Think of an Olympic 400 meter runner who slips on a stray banana skin just before the finish line, ruining their one chance at a gold medal. A split-second stroke of bad luck means the difference between crushing disappointment, […]

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How to Achieve Big Payoff Goals

‘And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.’ Hans Gruber, Die Hard [1]. Most of us will never be in the position of Alexander the Great (or Hans Gruber). There will always be worlds to conquer, and luckily that is the case, because there […]

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Signaling: How to Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word

In life, work and business, getting what you want is often dependent on sending the right signals. Imagine you’re a billionaire. You’re a little unorthodox, you’re careful with your money and you like to micro-manage things. So when you urgently need a new housekeeper for your place in the Hamptons, you put an advertisement on […]

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